English application form


  1. You will be put the template will be, Creative Authorization Protection (CC)
  2. Template type is not limited! As long as the template can be!
  3. When you allow authorization, we have the right to make minor changes to your template
  4. Template must be made by your own
  5. Here is the template platform, not channel promotion, do not submit spam applications (submit the template in this exception)
  6. Make sure the link you entered is available for download to the file
  7. The template you submit will be reviewed, the accepted template will receive an email notification, and on the contrary will not be accepted will not be notified

Starting from today, the platform will implement a new policy.
All template delivery applications, regardless of quality or not, will be uploaded to the website
Of course, the quality model will receive free shooting teaching.
Give beginners an opportunity to expose, encourage, and learn

In addition, the website update speed will take precedence over the youtube channel.